MSX Launchers

Front-ends for the MSX Emulators

blueMSX Launcher

blueMSX Launcher v1.14.3 for Windows 7/8/10.

Note: Make sure you download the extra data and screenshots below to get added functionality

for older versions, go here

openMSX Launcher (requires Java Runtime Environment 8 or higher)

Before downloading, make sure you read the installation and upgrade sections in the help file (which is also included in all downloads)

openMSX Launcher v1.12 for Windows 7/8/10.

openMSX Launcher v1.12 for MacOS - SOON.

openMSX Launcher v1.12 for Linux/BSD.

Get the source from GitHub.

for older versions, go here

Extra data and Screenshots (released August 2019)

extra-data.dat v1.27: unzip and place the file in the directory of blueMSX Launcher. This file is included already in openMSX Launcher v1.11.

Extra Screenshots v1.13 (32.9 MB): unzip in the directory of blueMSX Launcher. openMSX Launcher doesn't require it to be in the same directory (location can be defined in the settings of openMSX Launcher).

Disks XML Database (released August 2018)

msxdskdb.xml v4: unzip and place the file in the Databases directory of blueMSX alongside the other XML files. This file provides data about disk games the same way other XML files do for ROM and Tape images. It only works with blueMSX Launcher 1.14.2 and openMSX Launcher 1.10 or later.

Tapes XML Database

msxcaswavdb.xml: this is the same file provided by the blueMSX team and can be downloaded from the blueMSX website. It only works with openMSX Launcher 1.10 or later (and is included already in the openMSX Launcher 1.11 download).